Plasma Arc System
Column:Product Supply Time:2017-04-26

 What is Plasma?

Plasma is an ionised (electrically charged and conductive) gas – Often referred to as the 4th state of matter 

Formed when a gas (e.g. nitrogen) is heated to >5,000K by an electric current

Thermal plasma emits intense heat and Ultra Violet light

Plasma cracks/reforms all organic matter and melts or vitrifies inorganic matter into an inert rock (Plasmarok®) with properties superior to granite

Plasma treatment is a recovery process – not disposal

Why Choose Plasma?

Flexible operational profile

Proximal solution-offering quicker turnaround

Robust, reliable and easy to maintain technology

Small physical foot-print and no unusual building requirements - readily retrofitable to existing plants

Low environment impacts – sustainable recovery

Lowest capital and operation cost at ‘small’ operational scales

Tolerance of feed compositional variations


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