Tetronics International (UK)
Column:TECHNOLOGY Time:2017-05-04

Tetronics International are the global leader in the supply of DirectC urrent(DC)plasma arc systems for a wide range of Resource Recovery applications. Our recovery solutions offer class leading recovery rates and are perfectly suited to treat a range of waste streams, including: spentcatalysts, electronic wastes, mining wastes, steel plant waste as well 
as other precious and base metal bearing waste materials.

Tetronics’track record in advanced environmental waste treatment and material recovery processes for a  range of  toxic, hazardous/industrialwastes, as well as other resource rich streams, has  resulted in more than 80 installations acrossa wide and varied range of applications.

   * Five decades of experience in developing and delivering resourcerecovery systems

   * Breadth and scope of our Intellectual Property – 109 patents granted orpending across 12 families

   * On-going technical support to our customers

   * Market, operational and compliance knowledge and deep technical competence of our staff

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