Beijing United Carbon Environmental Protection Investment Company Limited (“UCC”) was established in 2007. Working in close partnership with several professional investment institutions and environmental technology companies, UCC provides funds, technologies, equipments, solutions, professional evaluations and project construction etc for various waste-treatment and waste-to-energy projects. We could provide centralized treating solutions, we also could provide fund and technology for those decentralized, small-scale and individualized micro-sized waste treatment projects. We expect to provide our services for both all-levels of governments who undertake the treatment of municipal waste and all enterprises, institutions, organizations, resident community and individuals who need to treat wastes by themselves.

Our technologies and services cover:

*   Collection and power generation of municipal waste landfill gas   

*   Gasification and plasma treatment of municipal waste with power generation and gas supply          

*   Plasma melting treatment of fly ash from municipal waste incineration

*   Gasification treatment and energy utilization of municipal waste and biomass waste in villiges,towns and resident communities.        

*   Biodiesel production by using food waste、waste cooking oil and waste animal fat and vegetable oil  

*   Plasma melting treatment of industrial dust & metal recovery   

*   Plasma melting treatment of PCB and auto catalyst filter & metal recovery   

*   Pyrolysis of other hazardous solid wastes    

*   CDM project development 

Our mission is to choose advanced technologies as the foundation, to regard harmlessness and up-to-grade as leading target, to set win-win situation as our starting point, to fix customer’s satisfactions as our objective.

Our perception is harmlessness is primary consideration, resource utilization is striving consideration, reduction is basic consideration.

Our idea is to concentrate on climate change problems, focus on environmental protection work, specialize in first-rate service and devote to mutual benefits of our partners.